Strengthen Financial Infrastructure

The role of the CFO in most organizations spans a number of important areas, including asset and debt management, budgeting, accounting and auditing, leasing etc. There is little expectation that any CFO will be expert in all these areas, so GPs advisors can offer an important backstop in times of stress.


Recent Experience

Legislation was being considered by the legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands that would restrict how certain local non-profits invest their monies. These restrictions were intended to address the investment of both operating dollars and bond proceeds. The University of the Virgin Islands asked GEP to review the proposed legislation and advise it regarding its impact on the University's options. GEP did an analysis of the effect of the legislation on each asset type and a comparison to what other states had done/allowed in the area. Our analysis helped to clarify several negative effects of the legislation. The measure was ultimately voted down.


Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the current financial infrastructure and the need for action
  • Interim staffing support during periods of transitions
  • Acting as special assistant to the CFO